Inclusive Volunteering for Global Equality

16-20 October 2021

This is a fully digital event.



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IVCO is the world’s biggest annual conference for volunteering for development practitioners, institutional actors, and researchers.

IVCO 2021 is an online conference making it easy to participate – no need to worry about huge costs, travelling or jet lag. Enjoy it from the comfort of your home!

IVCO 2021 is about Inclusiveness – a crucial message for Global Equality.
Join us so that we can be as inclusive as possible!

The questions of how volunteering can embrace all forms of diversity, and how it can ensure that no one is left behind are only some of the issues that will be addressed. The impact of public policies will be explored, experience from the field will be shared, the most recent research will be discussed, and burning issues of de-colonisation, directionality and digitalisation of international voluteering will be debated.

IVCO 2021 is also hosting the 1st Virtual Global Volunteering Fair! By registering for this year’s IVCO you will get all the benefits of an exhibitor at the Fair for no additional charge. This includes an e-booth for your organisation with two more live representatives.

Conference registration rates range from €170 – €275 depending on registration time and status.


Even if you are not a conference delegate you can promote your work at IVCO! You can build and design your own e-booth, place your logo and links to your website or other material and have up to 3 live representatives in your booth to directly speak and interact with visitors!

Taking part in the Fair will also give you the opportunity to participate in capacity building and networking events that will be designed specifically
for you!

The rate for joining only the 1st Virtual Global Volunteering Fair and renting an e-booth for 5 days is €100, or free to all Conference Delegates.
For more info send us an email at!

Hands showing seeds from around the world.

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