10 clever under stairs storage ideas

Under stairs storage ideas - IMAGE: @PLACEFORTYEIGHT

Ideas for storage under stairs - IMAGE: @PLACEFORTYEIGHT

The funny, angled space underneath a staircase is a gold mine for unique storage spaces. Whether you’ve got a solid staircase, an open staircase, two flights to work with or want to open up your room, you’ve got a wealth of options on your hands to make sure you’re utilising every last inch of storage space under the stairs to its full potential. But under stair storage space is different in every home, so how do you decide which look is best?

Whilst under the stairs makes for an unusual nook, there are so many distinctive ideas for how to best use the space for storage, whatever form it comes in. From nifty tricks to celebrations of odd angles, we’ve got you covered. Without further ado, here are some top ideas to fill your mind with possibility and inspire your under stair transformation. We could never have even imagined some of these!

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Under stairs drink storage - IMAGE: @martinmooredesign

Idea for built-in Under stairs drinks storage - IMAGE: @martinmooredesign

1. Tuck your tea area under the stairs

If you’ve got enough of an incline on your staircase to provide head clearance for a full sized door then consider something a little out of the ordinary and make a tea area tucked away under the stairs. This idea stores away small electrical, off boxes and ingredients and generally pesky bits that clutter services all in a neat mini room with plenty of drawer space too, whilst still leaving a storage cupboard in the smaller area to the side. It’s an ideal entertaining feature.

Pull out under stairs storage for shoes - IMAGE: @todd_james_handcrafted

Pull out under stairs storage idea for shoes - IMAGE: @todd_james_handcrafted

2. Install integrated sliding storage

How snazzy are these pullout units! If you’ve got a trusted local carpenter then this is a perfect storage option for maximising your storage space, especially if your hallway is usually clutter with shoes and the like. The outside of each unit blends into the rest of the decor beautifully and hides super convenient shelving right up to the top angle without wasting any space. You could also purchase a few storage boxes or little baskets to hold bits and bobs on the selves or even a hanging rail for coats in the tallest one.

Under stair storage area for boots and coats - IMAGE: @my_best_laid_plans

Under stair storage area fidea or boots and coats - IMAGE: @my_best_laid_plans

3. Make an under stair boot room

For homes that have ample space to play with, creating a mixed area under your staircase can be a great way to add some practicality. This idea doubles as both a hallway space for boots and coats as well as a casual storage space. The baskets filled with bits and bobs and the wood store at the end are ideal for storing clutter but they also add so much aesthetically so they really add to the space. 

Combined under the stairs storage ideas - IMAGE: @placefortyeight

Combined under the stairs storage idea - IMAGE: @placefortyeight

4. Try a combination of storage options

We love how well this home uses the under stair space for a three different storage ideas. Bench seating is a great practical addition for a hallway and also leaves room for wall shelving and lighting above so you’re maximising every inch of space. Then they’ve got the storage cupboard in the middle which doesn’t necessarily need to be full length so it works really well here. Finally, using the corner for shelving means you can add some extra styling and work into the very corner with open storage. Genius!

Built in book and wine storage area under stairs - IMAGE: @matthewmccrossanfurniture

Built in book and wine storage idea under stairs - IMAGE: @matthewmccrossanfurniture

5. Built in storage can open up new possibilities

We love how this idea uses every bit of space to its full potential by choosing the right shape for each angle. By fitting taller shelving for items such as books or records makes perfect sense as you can cram so much into each one without it looking too busy. When it comes to the awkward angle further down, a bottle rack is a dash of genius. The shape these require is so well suited to utilising this corner right down into the nook and it looks so impressive, too. We’ve also seen some divine examples of installing a drinks fridge under the stairs which makes an advance option for entertaining.

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Under stair storage wall for decor and reading corner - IMAGE: @melaniejadedesign

Under stair storage and reading corner idea - IMAGE: @melaniejadedesign

6. Use an open storage system to display your decor

Using open shelves such as these not only creates a beautiful space to display the items you cherish but also leaves enough floor space to make a reading nook to go with it. If you’re a competent DIY-er, you could easily try this idea as a weekend project, even with the storage cupboards on the side. This is a really nice idea if you’ve got a smaller hope so you can open up the surrounding area to make it feel more spacious.

under stair storage and drinks bar - IMAGE: @inspiration.design.style

Drinks bar idea for under the stairs - IMAGE: @inspiration.design.style

7. Install a bar area along with your storage

Making the most of the awkward angles created by staircases inclines is key utilising the spare space well. Here, the homeowners have used the larger lower space to to full effect with large storage cupboards and even an angled one on the end. They’ve then used the upper area for open shelving which they’ve turned into a little bar. This combined use means you’re making both a design feature as well as packing hidden storage in and you’re bound to create many happy memories using it, too.

Under stairs storage cupboard behind panelling - IMAGE: @edwardian_obsession

Idea for panelling to conceal under stair storage - IMAGE: @edwardian_obsession

8. Use panelling to conceal your storage

If you’re opting to use walls to fully enclose your under stair space then a nifty trick to disguise your storage is using panelling. Not only does this add character and makes not a nice design feature, it’s also has a great visual effect in almost hiding the door edges so you’re making something beautiful out of a practical object. This idea also lends itself really well to coordinating paint shades with other wood surfaces to pull your space together.

Under stair bookcase with stair angles - IMAGE: @gottacraft

Idea for under stair bookcase - IMAGE: @gottacraft

9. Work with your staircase angles for staggered shelving

As quiet, understated under stair storage ideas go, this one is a real winner. For layouts where you want to make full use of the space underneath the stairs as functional and a part of the room around it, you can still sneak in some decorative storage by installing shelves staggered into the underside of your staircase. This idea makes great use of otherwise dead space and still provides an area to display your cherished nick-necks and favourite books. 

Under stair organisational space with books and cupboard - IMAGE: @thecrescentrenovationproject

Under stair organisational storage area idea - IMAGE: @thecrescentrenovationproject

10. Use spare under stair space for hallway clutter

Staircase layouts like this one can leave little opportunity for using the area for storage without enclosing it totally. If you’re after an open storage idea, then leaving the space without walls but instead adding wall storage and some smaller storage units which can be moved to suit your needs is a great way to make your under stair space feel informal and airy. This idea is also jazzed up by the wall panelling but doesn’t commit you to anything if you want to change how you use the space in future. Opting for an open kind of balustrade keeps the space feeling free.

We’ve loved sharing these options and hope we’ve filled you with inspiration. What have you done with the space underneath your staircase? Have you gone for open or enclosed storage? Any nifty tricks to share? Get in touch!

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