Choosing Our Bedroom Colour Scheme

Farrow and ball bedroom - Image by homedeco

Farrow and ball bedroom - Image by homedeco

Me and Neil were chatting about paint colours for No. 42 the other day. I asked him which wall sample he preferred in each of the rooms and he replied:

"I don't mind, as long as the whole house isn't grey. These samples all look grey"


It seems like the world is choosing grey as their base colour in rooms these days. Don't you think?

There are many colours that go with grey and it’s a much more practical option than white, disguising wear and tear. That's why I can't help but choose it.

The benefits of choosing a grey bedroom colour scheme:

  1. It keeps light bouncing around the room giving it a spacious feel

  2. Light grey is a restful palette and easy to live with in a bedroom.

  3. It’s a lot more practical than white which often shows every fingerprint on every wall.

  4. It suits all decoration styles, from farmhouse to minimal. That means you can change your accessories assured that your colour scheme will be just right.

Would I ever go for a colourful bedroom?

I confess I'm not that brave when it comes to marrying wild colours in bedrooms. 

I've always loved the idea of moody indigo on walls but it's far too petrifying to choose a colour that's trending amazingly well on pinterest, when you're so unsure what it would be like to live in day to day. 

Slowly I'm learning that how you choose to decorate a room should be a reflection of how you want to feel, and incorporate belongings you love rather than a stylised pin-worthy show home that you can never truly settle in. 

And if grey captures the mood we want throughout the house then so be it. 

Playing safe with colour vs. going bold

I tend to play safe with neutrals on walls and ceilings so that I can be playful elsewhere, with art, photos, bed spreads etc – having the freedom to change them often, without having things clash with wall colour. 

Neutral walls. Colourful accessories. That's how I strike a balance. 

I'm hoping this will break up the wall-to-wall greys we'll have going on in a lot of the rooms. 

The colour scheme we’ve chosen for our bedroom:

I think it's after scrolling endlessly through Rebecca's blog that I have became besotted by the Blackened Farrow & Ball colour she has used for her bedroom walls

I want a similar calming, delicate grey that has a slight bit more warmth to it than Blackened has when shone in our light so I've opted for Farrow & Ball Ammonite walls, with a Wimborne White trim.

Neil's happy with it. I hope!

I've pulled together some ideas for bringing the room together to a basic, liveable, "phase 1" design on a budget...

To achieve something like this fast and cheap, I'll be hitting up Ikea for wardrobes (bottom left), habitat for lighting (top right) and pay that bit extra for Farrow & Ball paint in Ammonite (top left)

It should quite quickly come together as a simple, calm room which I can then jazz up with frames and cushions later on when we have a bit more cash to splash.

What do you think? Too much grey?


We did it! We painted our room Ammonite which has been such a beautiful colour to live with :) Follow my Instagram to watch my home improvements…

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