Starting your renovation


Why you shouldn’t start your project with an architect

You might have thought that this was the best way, but we have news!


What we wish we knew before we started renovating

They say that hindsight is a wonderful thing! Here’s what we wish we knew before we started

What to look for when buying

a house to renovate

Looking at a fixer upper? Here’s what to look for so you can reduce any nasty surprises


What Fi learnt about renovating in her 20’s

Fi looks back on her 20’s and tells the biggest lessons she’s learnt


Designing your renovation

Rarely talked about tips for designing your home

In this guide, Fi shares proven home decoration tips that she practices daily as an interior designer


Ultimate Guide: How to plan your bathroom layout

Bathrooms are are one of the hardest projects to get right…here’s some help

How to design your home the right way

There are right and wrong ways to design a house when you’re renovating. Read this and get prepared


How to plan a kitchen with zero regrets

Planning a kitchen is a huge investment you don’t want to get wrong. Find the answers here.


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Renovation Info & Inspo

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