See how we ripped out and renovated our beloved 3 bed 1930s semi-detached house in the UK. It hadn't been renovated since the 60s! Every wall (and ceiling) had wallpaper on it.

There was no gas or central heating, and the carpets were nothing short of 'shag pile psychedelic', really

Our mission was to renovate this house to become a simple, humble home full of warmth and some charm thrown in. We were tired of waiting for the dream of "retiring to the country" to come along, so decided to create our own Modern Country home here in Sussex.

We hope our house renovation stories help you with your projects.

We’ve learnt so much and you can start by accessing our FREE guide to surviving a renovation, and look out for enrolments of our online renovation course. We share all the insider knowledge so that you can get your dream home too.


The 1930s Semi-Detached Renovation Story

Our 1930s house renovation has been a work in progress over the years. We’ve run the whole thing ourselves, bringing in various contractors and trades; renovating in bursts of activity or phases. Each area of the house is documented in detail to help and inspire.


Planning the 1930s house renovation


Get the lowdown about what goes into planning a renovation so you can prepare for your own renovation project.


Before our 1930s house renovation


Take a look at what we were faced with before we began our 1930s house renovation.


During the 1930s house renovation


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