My new Willow & Hall footstool – a piece of luxury!

Our new addition

We had a new addition to our home a few weeks ago, and look what a beauty she is! It's a Willow & Hall Dauntsey footstool completely handmade in Country Linen – Hessian and I couldn't adore anything more. 

If you follow my wanderings on instagram you might have seen the insta-stories of me getting super excited about my Willow & Hall order. I shared the fabric swatch delivery I had before making my final decision and got some really great help from you guys in choosing which was the right colour for the room – so thank you for all who messaged and helped me! Poor Neil might go insane if I ask him for his opinion on which swatch we should choose for this and that one more time haha.

Willow and Hall have a gorgeous selection of footstools on their website. I was quite particular about what I wanted – something a little more traditional with well carved legs and no wheels (in case it scratched the laminate floor) and something that was strong and comfortable enough to act as a stool to perch when I'm seeing to the fire. Surprisingly my decision on the model I wanted was made in 10 minutes flat. I saw the Dauntsey footstool and it ticked every box for it's period charm and how well it would look beside our Chesterfield sofa.

Choosing a fabric

Truthfully when it came to choosing a fabric for the footstool, I was overwhelmed with how varied Willow & Hall's fabric collection is – in a good way. I often find fabric options for upholstered furniture like sofas highly limiting, but Willow & Hall have pretty much every colour on offer – in almost every texture too, from velvet, wool, to tweed and linen.

What was great was that I was allowed unlimited free fabric samples so I could feel safe in the knowledge that when the swatches arrived, I was seeing the full range available to me within my criteria. Nothing worse than ordering a piece of furniture then wanting a different fabric! 

I ended up opting for a Country Linen fabric for our footstool as it felt like the fabric sample had great weight to it and a high rub count. I wanted to make sure that (it being a footstool an' all) there wasn't any chance for shoes/slippers to tear the fabric. I opted for the colour Hessian, a textured, flecked shade, so that any slight stains wouldn't really be noticed and it has that "Modern-country" feel to it that I love.

I've got to say as well... the samples that were delivered to me were packaged up beautifully with a Willow & Hall teabag – so adorable!

I also just noticed on their website that they also offer in depth fabric guides to guide your fabric choice. It looks like I can visit their site any time to get all the care details for my specific fabric which is great if I ever need to spot clean it. 

The delivery

I was really impressed with the craftsmanship of the foot stool when it arrived at No. 42. 

Solid legs, a strong frame, and fabric that was folded and filled to perfection. 

I was every bit as impressed with the delivery!

I was given a 4 hour delivery slot so it meant I could nip to town and back that morning, and they hand delivered it themselves in a big Willow & Hall van. 

Not a lot of furniture companies do this but I think it's a HUGE selling point. I'll give you a comparison... 

Shortly after our footstool arrived, I ordered an arm chair for our living room. I'd seen one I liked from Made. When the delivery firm they appoint (BJS) came to drop it off, instead of two men carrying it, one man slid it down part of the garden path and dragged it into the living room. 

I mean, I'm not complaining as the armchair came away unscathed and I genuinely don't feel angry at that sort of thing (provided it's wrapped well), but what I'm trying to say is – when you buy from a company who not only designs and builds your item, but delivers it themselves, you can expect much higher care taken through every step to get that product to your home and have you LOVE it. 

Willow & Hall do this. The care and attention to detail is next to none. 

A special discount code for Fifi McGee readers

I am so excited to share this with you as I've been talking to Willow & Hall behind the scenes to give something to you.

If you're looking for a new footstool, armchair, sofa, sofa bed, ottoman, bed frame or bed stead, Willow & Hall would love to support you in choosing the right model for you and I bet this is where you'll find the right item.

Visit the Willow & Hall website: then take a look at their quality items and order some samples. 

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**code is valid until 27th March 2017

Hope you like my new footstool and if you do make a purchase at Willow & Hall, email me a pic when it arrives :) Thanks for reading!

F x