My House Renovation Resolutions for 2019 + Ideas For Yours!

A big happy New Year guys <3

Every year I sit down with Neil and we make a list of the areas of the house we’d like to save for and work on. It’s a really great way to get focus on what you want to achieve with your house renovation, and make a plan for it to happen by a particular date.

Our house renovation resolutions - what’s on our list for 2019:

1. Install alcove shelving to our living room

Our living room renovation was the first room we decorated and we made decisions very quickly in a bid to just get it done. The finishing touch we’d love in this space is for more storage and a place to put framed pics, trinkets and lamps on. Alcove shelving will help to make the most of the small space by giving our giant TV it's own bespoke shelf. The freestanding corner unit isn’t the right fit for the room so this should really update the look.

1930s house renovation living room alcove ideas

I’ll be getting quotes in and sketching out ideas in Feb and I can’t wait!

2. Hang a gallery wall + put prints up around the house

Wall art really makes a home a home. We’ve collected many pieces of art, photography and illustrations in the 2 years we’ve live here, but none have gone up on the walls yet. The fear gets us! We worry we’ll make holes in the wrong places or change our mind on the positioning of art. Are you like that?

This year that’s all changing… filler is our friend. If things are done wrong, that’s fine, it’s all fixable!

3. Begin our Master Bedroom renovation

It’s the final room in the house to do. We’ve done nothing in there so far, currently being used as a dumping ground! In 2019 I’ll be doing a mood board, project plan and start getting quotes in for electrics, heating, plastering and more. I doubt we’ll finish it this year (wish money grew on trees) but we’ll make good ground starting it.

Those are our 3 house renovation aims in 2019, what are yours?

I’ve listed some resolution ideas to inspire you…

  • Repaint your hallway/kitchen/bathroom

    High traffic areas get lots of fingerprints and always benefits from a fresh coat of paint

  • Hang wallpaper

    This is such a great way to create a focal point in a room. We have wallpaper sitting in our loft waiting to be used, no idea when or where to hang it!

  • Update your window dressing

    Perfect if you want to refresh a room in your home, window dressing really lifts a space. Fitting shutters to our house is definitely on our list, we need to replace all of our upvc windows first before we can measure and install them, one for 2020 I think!

  • Replace your mattress

    They say you’re supposed to change them every 7 years… I’m not sure about that, but if you’re looking for a mattress I can highly recommend our EVE mattress one.

  • Bring in more plants to your home

    Not only do they make a room beautiful, they freshen and purify the air in your home.

Let’s follow each other on Instagram this year! I’m @fifimcgeee

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