How much does a structural engineer cost?

Are you in the middle of a renovation project and finding yourself overwhelmed with the list of consultants you need to hire, adding to your already spiralling renovation costs? Don’t panic! We’re here to help you with our structural engineer guide on what services they do and at what cost.

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What kind of services does a structural engineer offer?

We often get asked ‘what does a structural engineer do?’ and it’s a totally valid question. A structural engineer is the person responsible for the structural integrity of a project. They will ensure your home renovation is safe, efficient and stable.

In the UK they can take on different roles depending on your project size and complexity. This can be anything from a small beam size calculation to a full drawing package on your whole house. If you’re working with an architect, they’ll know when to consult a structural engineer and what to ask them. For more information we have done a more complete article on the structural engineer’s role.

How much does a structural engineer cost?

The cost of an engineer mostly depends on two key factors: the size and complexity of project and how early they are involved. The price is usually calculated on a fixed fee basis although some practices offer per hour rates (usually at around £100/h). On bigger project structural engineers can base their fees on a percentage on the total project’s worth but it is unlikely to happen on home renovation projects.

As a scale, fees for a simple drawing can start at around £200. On the other hand services to calculate a complex new area in your house, such as a basement, can rise up to £2,000. Obviously, there isn’t a national price grid, so we encourage you to ask for quotes from a few different companies to make sure you are paying the right price.

Side note – often structural engineers can be recommended by your architect and/or interior designer. If you’re also considering questions like how much does an architect cost? and how much do interior designers charge? we have articles to help you with these too.

What impacts the price?

As we mentioned, the price of an engineer will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project. Some aspects of your renovation could have a big impact on the price:

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  • Any basement structural design will result in a huge price increase as it involves significantly more work for your engineer

  • A loft conversion with changes to the roof scape involves partial demolition, and a new load onto an existing house thus more work for an engineer

  • Some companies will charge extra for unplanned site visit

  • Similarly, your engineer might need to perform some surveys in your house before they can start any calculation which could be charged as extra.

  • If you don’t have an architect, it can be the engineer’s role to submit a building regulation’s drawing package, this will be priced as a fixed sum, usually agreed when you appoint your engineer.

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