Home Renovation Budget Planner

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Home Renovation Budget Planner


A UK house renovation costs spreadsheet to predict, track and control home renovation budgets

Available as part of our How to Renovate a House course - please join the waitlist to find out when we open next)


Are you embarking on a renovation and looking for a house renovation costs spreadsheet?

Are you worried about costs spiralling?

We’ve been in your shoes and built this renovation budget planner to help us track finances for our own renovation.

With this tool we were able to confidently budget for our renovation, control costs and rest easy that we had enough contingency if any unforeseen costs arose.

And guess what? We came in under budget…

Whether you're spending £5000, £10,000 or £100,000, this could be the best money you've ever spent!

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The Home Renovation Budget Planner spreadsheet includes:

  • An easy to use house renovation costs spreadsheet (works with Google Sheets/Google Docs and Microsoft Excel)

  • Clear formulas show how much your refurbishment costs will total (overall or filter by room)

  • A list of the full renovation costs for our 1930s 3 bed semi detached in the example spreadsheet template (over 150 items)

  • A free tutorial video to walk you through how to use the spreadsheet

  • Clear colour coded formulas that automatically tell you when your overall project and/or room is going over or under budget

  • A place to track and categorise every single outgoing during your hectic build/renovation which prevents costs spiralling

  • A column to clearly document your quotes, contractors details and product details in one place

  • NEW - Prioritise each element of your renovation

  • Simple to use for all rooms of your house, or filter by just one room

This house renovation budget spreadsheet will help you predict and control your house renovation costs so they don’t spiral out of control. You’ll have a financially worry-free project!