Interior Bargains #8: The perfect Herringbone blanket

Grey/White Herringbone throw £10, Primark

Hallelujah. It's a miracle. I've knabbed myself a herringbone blanket that looks the part and didn't cost the best part of £90 like all the others I want online.

Not sure if you know of Bronte throws? Non? Well I've had my eye on their soft, pastel grey blankets since forever. There's something very traditional and 'farmer-chic' about them that I've fallen head over heels for. 

Whilst I save up for a much better quality, thick Bronte version to call my own and keep me warm on wintery nights, I picked up this rather bargainous stand-in for only a tenner. It certainly looks the part, although there's about as much heat in it as a cat in an igloo. 

I love the delicate grey print, the white tassels and the way it effortlessly tosses over the new love of my life (Chesterfield sofa) giving it a wintery feel. Shame it's very thin, but in this case, I don't mind channelling style over substance. 

What do you think? The blanket comes in lilac and green too (at least if I remember correctly).... Let me at 'em!

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Interior bargains #7: More love for supermarket home buys

Aldi Vintage bed spread £24.99

Another one of Aldi's finest. Last week I featured Aldi's vintage cushion covers (one seen right there on me bed) and this week I've gone even more floral mad with this vintage bed spread from their new collection. Ok it's £25. Some wouldn't really call that a high street 'bargain' - but when you compare this to the price of say Holly Willoughby's scalloped edge bedding (which I ADORE, by the way) it seems like a damn good compromise. Scalloped blankets are beautiful, aren't they?

And I'll have you know this is a sensible buy too! Perfect for all those times you have friends drunkenly fall asleep on your sofa, perfect for rolling up as an added layer when you go camping, and even more perfect for making your room look as feminine as physically poss without your other half complaining. It's one of those 'will never go out of fashion' finds and I've seen similar stuff in the £50 mark, so BARGAIN IT IS!

Now all I need is a little cat to curl up with on it.... 

Happy shopping :)

Disclaimer: I was gifted this duvet spread from the Aldi press team but all opinions are my own and I was under no obligation to write a post about 'em. 

FYI - striped duvet cover is from M&S (Similar to this) Bed frame is from Dunelm Mill a loooong time ago, and everything else is probably picked up from Kemptown Flea Market. 

Interior bargains #2: The perfect jar for stashing cotton pads

Bathroom storage ideas ›› Storing Cotton Pads

Vintage Glass Barrel Jar, £3.99, Dunelm Mill

It's that time of week again! :) In case you didn't see last week's post, I've started a new Sunday feature showing you my weird and wonderful interior buys I've scoured the shops for to bring a homely touch to my new place, but for dirt cheap prices. Hopefully if you're looking for some items to spruce up your houses you might find some bargainous inspiration ;)

This week I have yet more bathroom storage, and even more Dunelm adoration lined up! 

Since first setting eyes on the Zara Home glass jars, I instantly swooned. Such an elegant addition to a bedroom or bathroom, and perfect for storing Q-tips, I told myself. Then I clocked the price tag and had palpitations. Who in their right mind would spend £16 on a glass jar when Dunelm Mill do an almost exact replica for a quarter of the price? This bad boy is the perfect addition to my bathroom storage, housing all my cotton pads - free from the dangers of spillages.

Bathroom storage ideas ›› Storing Cotton Pads

Bathroom storage ideas ›› Storing Cotton Pads

What do you reck? Do you stash your cotton pads in a pretty place too?

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