The most welcoming colour scheme ideas for hallways

cream hallway colour ideas - IMAGE: @farrowandball

Idea for a cream hallway colour scheme - IMAGE: @farrowandball

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Hallway colour schemes are often under-appreciated and overlooked in the home, but really, they set the tone for your whole home. Walking through a front door into a perfectly coordinated little space speaks volumes about the rest of your home decor and it’s such a fun area to play with.

Taking natural light, practicality (mud-resistant flooring) and even the joyous decor possibilities (think little bench seats and colourful coat racks) into account, you’ve got a world of possible colour combinations to try. Maybe you’ll go for something simple and timeless or you could try playing with brighter colours to fill your welcoming space with energy.

We’ve rounded up a whole range of divine options to inspire a little hallway re-do for your next project. Because why not make the most of even the smaller spaces! We’ve packed in plenty of delightful hallway colour schemes to choose from, but if you struggle with this kind of thing then The Colour Swatch is right for you!

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yellow and white hallway colour ideas - IMAGE: @farrowandball

Yellow and white colour combination in a hallway - IMAGE: @farrowandball

1. Soft yellow and bright white

If you want to welcome your guests with a burst of sunshine then a soft yellow is a great place to start. Elevate it by using classic white on the woodwork and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous canvas to start adding quaint or quirky little pieces of décor to reflect you and your personal style. This colour scheme works particularly well with bare wood boards to really complete the range of the palette in natural colours. 

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Green and whtie hallway colour idea - IMAGE: @mylands_london

Idea for Green and white hallway colour scheme - IMAGE: @mylands_london

2. Forest green and white

Who wouldn’t love this delicious shade of forest green to bring nature from the outside directly in. This home makes the most of the stone tiles and fresh white ceiling and banister to create a cosy nook in the darker colour in the storage area. You can make the most of this particular colour by highlighting it with character-filled elements such as a little bare wood or some antique hooks. Thanks to the warmth of this colour, you could even use it in a darker hallway without worrying. A neutral, extra long hall runner provides a layer of warmth to the stone tiles.

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White, grey and wood hallway colour idea - IMAGE: @earthbornpaints

Grey country hallway colours - IMAGE: @earthbornpaints

3. White, grey and wood

If your decor tends to sway more towards timeless monochrome then this can be a really nice take on it. All walls remain plain white but work in softer shades of white into textiles and some warmer wood tones into the furniture to give breadth to the palette. A few hints of black and plenty of character-filled accessories can complete the space as well as taupes and greys to round out what will a colour scheme to last for years to come.

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Blue and white hallway colour scheme idea - IMAGE: @anniesloanhome

Idea for Blue and white colours in a hallway - IMAGE: @anniesloanhome

4. Blue and white

If you don’t fancy going for a full blown colour scheme change, then upcycling some old furniture can be a great way to inject new colour into your hallway without doing too much to the wall colour. We love how this hallway has focused on the essentials and coordinated a hat/coat rack and bench in a gorgeous deep shade of blue. This looks sharp against the white wall but is tied together with a chambray-style fabric incorporating both colours to flesh out the palette.

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monochrome hallway colour scheme idea - IMAGE: @paintandpaperlibrary

modern colour idea in a traditional hallway - IMAGE: @paintandpaperlibrary

5. Monochrome

Black and white can be a bold yet stunning choice for a hallway. When most tend to fill theirs with colour, you can achieve a new level of style with this combination. This hallway has kept the walls in a classic plain white but done something a little unusual with letting a sharp black dominate the staircase and bannister pairing with the front door. We adore the subtle hint of sage green framing the rear wall to lift the tone and add just a little something to pair with the artwork in there. What a delightful palette!

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Cream and tan hallway colour scheme idea - IMAGE: @farrowandball

Idea for country cream colour in a hallway - IMAGE: @farrowandball

6. Cream and tan

If you want simple, cosy and something that exudes country farmhouse elegance then you can’t go past a cream and tan pairing. This soft shade of off-white is elevated by the warmth of the tan colour in the wood and baskets and perfectly accessorised. We love how this homeowner has thrown in a little coordinating colour in the cushions to lend something soft to the scheme and grounded the palette in darker cupboard hardware and stone flooring. You can really go anywhere with this palette and pick out warm tones and highlight different colours seasonally.

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Blue and stone hallway colour scheme idea - IMAGE: @sanderson1860

Blue hallway colour scheme idea - IMAGE: @sanderson1860

7. Dusky blue and stone

This colour scheme is a calm, welcome and comfortable way to deck your hallway out in true style for your guests. This example works with the practicality of stone and then pairs that with various shades of dusky blue in the panelled box seating, wallpaper and even mismatched cushions. The plain duo of dusky blue and stone is then highlighted by the textiles with gorgeous pops of colour against the understated base scheme.

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Two-tone green hallway colour scheme idea - IMAGE: @littlegreenepaintcompany

Modern Two-tone green hallway colour scheme idea - IMAGE: @littlegreenepaintcompany

8. Two-tone green

Playing with two shades of the same colour can be such a fun way to bring some energy into your hallway. This example chooses a bright, jolly pastel green and combines it with a deeper forest green to bring warmth to the colour scheme. We love how this is also reflected in the two-tone tiles for the flooring which brings such a broad and changeable dynamic to the colours used here. Carrying the scheme across to the door can be such a fun way to change it up and the panelling here lends itself so well to this colour trick.

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Teal and white hallway colour scheme idea - IMAGE: @makeitrustoleum

Modern colourful idea for a two-tone hallway - IMAGE: @makeitrustoleum

9. Teal and white

Why not welcome in gloriously bright colours to really fill your hallway with energy and vibrance. A crisp white background sets the scene to welcome in this light teal shade which bounces light around the room. We love how both colours separate nicely with the rail to create distinct blocks of colour. With this simple two-colour scheme, you can highlight bursts of coordinating colours with your decor such as the sunshine yellow or verdant green in the plants as shown here. 

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Pink and grey hallway coloru scheme idea - IMAGE: @littlegreenepaintcompany

Hallway Pink and grey hallway colour scheme - IMAGE: @littlegreenepaintcompany

10. Pink and grey

This colour scheme is timeless and can be translated into so many different shades. We love how this hallway has employed such a delicate but present shade of pink with the depths of warm slate grey to create a striking balance. This creates a canvas for the rest of your decor which huge possibility for styling in so many different shades as the palette is so broad. Try incorporating some warm wood tones to add character to the colour scheme or even a little jazzy metallic door hardware to break up the colours.

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f you find choosing a colour scheme a little tricky (because we all do sometimes) then you can find a helping hand in The Colour Swatch, our expert advice with the biggest and best brands in the business.

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