Can I save money with an architectural technologist?

can i save money with an architectural technologist?

Are you about to start renovating your house and looking for savvy ways to save money? Hiring an architectural technologist instead of an architect could be a good idea but isn’t right for everyone. So here’s a guide on what architectural technologists are, whether they’re right for you and how they could help you reduce your budget. 

We get asked all the time “Do I need an architect?” and “How much does an architect cost?” to start and progress renovation work and truthfully, it very much depends on you, your project, whether you’re working with a listed building, and how complicated or technical your renovation is. We have blog articles to help you make an informed decision on what’s right for your build, and in today’s post we want to talk a little more about the lesser known route – hiring an architectural technologist.

First up, what is an architectural technologist?

According to the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists, an architectural technologist “offer(s) design services and manage projects from inception to completion.” Simply, architectural technologists focus on the technology of building, design technology and construction.

How does an architectural technologist differ from an architect?

The key difference is the amount of training required for each profession. Before qualifying, an architect has to undertake a minimum of seven years of training (an undergraduate degree, a two year post graduate degree and two years of practice experience whilst taking a professional diploma). They are typically taught the technical aspect of building design but also history and theory of architecture. 

An architectural technologist on the other hand has no required specific training. The path to chartership is through experience. The chartership focuses on technology and technical knowledge. 

Legally, Architects and Architectural technologists can offer the exact same services. However choosing an architect can be more useful if you’re looking for someone to design your project with clever and innovative ideas. If however, you already have a precise vision of what you want, using an architectural technologist could be a good idea. 

What is the difference between an architectural technologist, an architectural technician and an architectural designer?

When doing your research, it can be confusing to see some many similar yet different names for all these professions that could offer the same services. However there are some key differences between an architectural technologist, an architectural technician and an architectural designer.

An architectural technician is an unchartered architectural technologist. It can refer to someone working towards qualifying as a chartered architectural technologist, or working for an architectural technology company. 

An architectural designer is a more generic term. It doesn’t really mean anything specific and therefore is used by a number of professionals including technologists and technicians. It could also refer to partially qualified architects, in which case it would be accompanied by the term “Part I” (meaning they have undertaken a bachelor in architecture) or “Part II” (meaning they have finished their masters in Architecture).

Are architectural technologists qualified and insured against flaws resulting from their work?

Yes. If they are chartered architectural technologist, they are required to hold a Professional Indemnity Insurance if doing work directly for clients. Similar to architects, they have to adhere to their own code of conduct which ensures a safe and ethical practice. 

It is worth noting that Architectural technicians and designers on the other hand are not tied to any professional body and therefore are not required to acquire any insurance.

How much money could I save money with an architectural technologist?

It’s hard to say as there are many factors that could affect the price. Unlike architects, most architectural technologists offer fixed prices for each part of the project. As we mentioned, if you already have a clear idea of what you want, you could save money by obtaining planning yourself and only using an architectural technologist for obtaining building regulations and construction drawings. This could save you up to 30% of the architect’s fee, but be sure to get quotes and do your due diligence to find an experienced technologist who can give you the support you need.

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