Amazing ways to organise your tools

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Being a homeowner, DIY is one of those things that naturally evolves and before too long you’re up to your neck in tools and supplies, spending most of your job time hunting around for the bit you lost. Well worry no more intrepid renovator because we've done all the hard work for you by finding a whole host of solutions to streamline your ‘do it yourself’ life!

DEKO 198 Piece Home Repair Toolkit

Gone are the days of rooting around in a deep old tool box for those little pieces that keep going missing. Handy organisers like the DEKO 198 Piece kit keep everything neat and tidy so that you can’t even close it without your OCD alarm going off.

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Stanley FatMax DeepPro Organiser

Take it from someone who has renovated and done plenty of DIY: you collect loads of little bits… screws, wall plugs, random washers, hinges. If you don’t stay organised, you’re going to end up with a huge bag that you have to rifle through. Stayed organised with the Stanley FatMax DeepPro Organiser.

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Amazonbasics 3 Shelf Shelving Unit

If you’ve got a garage or shed, and you’re after a bit of space you’re going to need to optimise for height. With heavy stuff in a garage, swerve poor quality MDF shelves that sag and go for metal that will stand the test of time. Stuff boxes with flip top lids on each shelf and label them!

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Stanley 1 touch Toolbox

Gone are the days where you’re rummaging around in your toolbox for screws and wall plugs with this clever tool box that incorporates a draw for all of those miniature bits that you always end up losing.

Fixkit Metal peg board

If you’re looking to build yourself a Tim Allen style tool shed then get this pegboard on your list. This is a true long term commitment to the renovation cause! It’s simple, cost effective and a great use of garage wall space.

stanley rolling workshop.jpg

Stanley 1-79-206 Rolling Workshop

How about a tool box on wheels? This Stanley Rolling Workshop handily splits into three making it easy to only grab the section you need for the current job.

STARK Strong Tool Holder

Sometimes the simplest, cheapest solution is the best. If you’re doing a lot of ‘workshop’ work then you’ll want easy access to your tools without having to rummage around in a box. Enter the Stark Strong Tool Holder.

Cube Storage

This wire storage rack would fit the bill in a garage or shed. The beauty of a system like this is that you can see exactly what is on your shelves rather than hiding items away within stacked boxes.

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