A list of the luckiest things you can own in your home

I've shared a challenge with my subscribers on my newsletter this week - to think about the luckiest items in their homes and share their stories with me. 

If they can't place anything in their home that's considered lucky, well, it's time to get talking to the elders and get sourcing! 

What is your stance on the whole "luck" superstition? I'm personally really supportive of those who believe and practice feng shui, or those who carry traditions through in their homes. 

Even if they may seem silly to some, I think the ritual of talking to older generations about quirky beliefs and hanging a horse shoe here and there is a lovely way to let old wives tales live on, and bring your home a certain charm. 

So with this I've done a bit of snooping online and come up with a list of the luckiest things you can have in your home. 

What harm can it do bringing some spirituality to design, hey?

1. Fresh Flowers

According to Feng Shui, having a fresh bunch of any flowers in your home brings positive energy. There's an excuse to splash out on a nice bunch for yourself if I ever heard one.

2. Horse shoes

A common symbol of luck in lots of cultures. The Irish believe if you hang a horse shoe in a 'U' shape above your front door, it'll ensure your luck won't ever run out. Whereas the French say hang it the opposite way so luck can rain down on all who walks through. 

3. A painted front door

This might sound a bit bizarre at first but in feng shui, south-facing doors should be painted a bright red or orange, north-facing doors should be blue or black, west-facing doors grey or white, and east-facing doors a brown or green colour, to bring good luck. 

4. Dreamcatchers

They aren't just beautiful to look at, dream catchers in Native American cultures cast away evil spirits when you sleep, bringing good fortune to your room. 

5. Money Plants

They're send to bring wealth and prosperity to a home, and no kitchen windowsill should be without one in my opinion. 

6. Nazars

I know 'nazars' best as 'evil eyes'. They're usually blue glass trinkets made to hang in a room to ward of negative energy. I always knew these to be a Greek tradition, but after a bit of research they're popularly hung in countries like Turkey, Iraq, Morocco and Spain too. 



I'd love to hear your thoughts on lucky charms for the home. Do you believe in them? 

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