A full home tour - a heartbreaking goodbye

We've settled on a move date now. The 29th July 2016 is the big day, leaving just a few more weeks in our little home. 

I really don't know how to feel about it all. In one way I'm so excited at the prospect of having a whole house to decorate, in another way I'm scared of the challenge and being out of my comfort zone. 

We've lived here for only a short time really, we moved in in May 2014. It's been our first home together and an incredible blank canvas for me to experiment and define my own cosy interior style. Which I had never really defined before until I moved here. 

It dawned on me that throughout all the stories I've shared on my blog, the day we installed a wood burner, the day shutters brought light to our living room, the day my dream rug was delivered, I've still never shared a full home tour. 

So, as a little departing memory, as we say goodbye to our first flat in Hove and before the rooms become just a distant memory of laughter and serious Netflix times, I thought I'd share a few last snaps on here. 

Come inside...