New Reno Project! Introducing this 1930s detached fixer upper (Before shots + Early ideas)

Our newest 1930s  detached renovation

I wish you could have been there when we first went to visit this 1930s detached house renovation. You’d have got that same buzz we did, seeing the original features in near-pristine condition waiting to be revealed and brought back to its former glory. Oak panelling, parquet flooring…

What a renovation. Seriously.

The owners Nick & Amy live and work in London and purchased this stunning 1930s detached knowing all the potential it had to become their perfect forever home, in a buzzing part of London. We’re thrilled they came to us for our support.

Nick & Amy OUTSIDE THEIR 1930s renovation  project

Nick & Amy OUTSIDE THEIR 1930s renovation project

How the 1930s detached renovation looks from the back (BEFORE)

How the 1930s detached renovation looks from the back (BEFORE)

I turned to Neil and said “you know that other renovation I’ve been begging for us to buy? Well, pause on that!” because this house is the DREAM to work on providing interior design and renovation guidance to Nick & Amy every step of the way.

Let me show you around!

1930s detached renovation – living room

In this first post, I want to give you a little bit of a tour and chat through the early ideas, as well as explain a little more about how we’re supporting Nick & Amy with this gigantic project.

This is their first time renovating a house, so for us, they’re the ideal clients. We’ve made some fast progress with designs since we began working together.

In the next few posts I’ll be sharing more about the interior design and layout proposals, as well as some challenges that have already been thrown our way in terms of budgets and delayed planning.

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First up, how is it we’re supporting Nick & Amy?

The property, as it is currently, is a humble size for a 1930s detached house but is has huge potential to extend upwards and outwards to double the footprint. This is going to be a grand renovation.

The Existing floor plan (BEFORE)

The Existing floor plan (BEFORE)

If you don’t know already, Neil and I already support hundreds of first time renovators through our online courses and I run our 1-on-1 interior design service helping first time renovators to get their design and layout perfect for them.

If you’re about to renovate, or in the middle of a project, it can be SO overwhelming. Especially if your project is huge, the budget is more money than you’ve ever spent in your life, and you’ve got a whole house to get right.

We’re working with Nick & Amy to supercharge their project so they feel clued up, less stressed, with all the design support they need to create their dream home.

Behind the scenes planning layouts for the 1930s detached project in london

Behind the scenes planning layouts for the 1930s detached project in london

Happening behind the scenes, we are…

  • Planning an interior layout that enhances their architectural drawings

  • Helping them define their sense of style. One that speaks to them so they are investing in looks they love that are timeless – screw the trends

  • Forming 3D visuals of each space so that they can visualise and tweak design ideas – and confidently make the right decisions

  • We’re establishing how best to spread their budget – so they make the most of their investments

  • We’re forming furnishings, paint schemes and design schemes for the ground floor extension. You need to establish colours, furniture, panelling, kitchen cabinetry, and so much more early on when you’re doing a project on this scale.

  • Plus 1-on-1 consultancy support if/when any issues pop up and they need a sound board

We’ll be sharing every step of the renovation right here on the blog so that you can see exactly how a project of this size is planned and completed, but if you’re keen to get support for your project then take a look at our renovation course (if you’re just starting your project) and Home Design Lab (if you need to deep dive into interior design – which is officially launching at the end of this month!). Or sign up for one of our free guides, the Survivor’s Guide to Renovating for budgeting and project management tips, and Design Your Dream Home for guidance on achieving a strong sense of flow as you renovate your home.

The Ground Floor

1930s detached house renovation in london
1930s detached house renovation

Open the front door and step into the hallway first, and you’re greeted with original 1930s shaker panelling in near pristine condition. It’s a wide, spacious hallway (as UK hallways go) but it’s dark. Entirely down to the deep dark grain you’re greeted with.

It’s stunning panelling and a must-keep but definitely needs to be brought up to date. 30s lovers, you’ll know how heartbreaking it feels to paint over original woodwork like this to make it a light, bright hallway…

Nick & Amy were still undecided on how they’ll update it when we met, whether they will paint it or leave it as is, but for now their contractors have boarded up all the panelling to protect it while the main double storey extension work is in full swing. Which is a genius idea to prevent knocks and dents.

1930s detached house renovation – the hallway
1930s detached house renovation

Turn to the right with me (sunglasses at the ready!) and you walk into the living room.

Hello mustard carpets and retro wallpaper!

1930s detached house renovation – living room (Before)

And does anyone remember when borders were in fashion? 😂

1930s detached renovation – living room
1930s detached living room (BEFORE)

This room is an outstanding space to work with, though.

It has a large rounded box bay window (with the perfect sized width and depth for seating), and a fireplace in a rather retro state of affairs right now but that marble might come in handy for a vanity unit surface to save Nick & Amy some pennies.

All of this will become a welcoming, homely living room (separate to the open-plan kitchen, diner, lounge that’s been planned at the back of the house) with a fully working fireplace.

While there will be challenges (I spotted that all the pipework hasn’t been chased in and is above skirting level) it’s already showing huge potential!

Nick lifted the mustard carpet to reveal…

1930s detached parquet floors
1930s detached renovation

Ta-daaa! All the original parquet flooring. Why anyone would ever cover this up with carpet, we’ll never know!

Towards the back of the house is a beautiful bright dining area with double doors entering in from the hall, and large glass doors leading out to the garden.

the 1930s detached dining room
1930s detached dining room
1930s detached renovation project

Seeing the unique octagonal windows either side of another chimney breast got me so excited.

Aren’t they amazing?

They naturally bring symmetry to the room and are high on Nick & Amy’s “must-keep!” list.

In fact, what I love about Nick & Amy as clients is how much we’re on the same page. It’s all about keeping the original features of this house as they bring character, then design sympathetically around them.

Told you they were perfect clients 😁

The First Floor

You’ll hear more in our next post, about how we’re predominantly focusing on the ground floor extension at this stage but below are pics of how the 1930s detached looks upstairs.

The potential is unreal!

1930s detached renovation - landing
1930s detached bedroom
1930s detached renovation - bedroom 1
1930s detached bathroom

Coming up next…

Take a look at this little taster of the proposed design for the ground floor which I’ll talk you through in more detail in the next post. There’s nothing like 3D visuals to help clients truly get a feel for what they’re about to undertake. This will be a life-changing space.

Proposed 3d Render of our client’s 1930s detached renovation

Proposed 3d Render of our client’s 1930s detached renovation

Fi & Neil, Interior design + renovation support

Fi & Neil, Interior design + renovation support

You can probably tell we are SO excited to share every inch of our newest client project with you.

Coming up, I’ll give you the lowdown on the design and layout plans which are next level – this house is going to be TRANSFORMED!

Thank you so much for reading and following along,

Fi + Neil xoxo