12 affordable rugs that will transform any room

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If you’re on the market for an affordable rug, what follows here is a selection I would buy in a heartbeat if we had a bigger house.

Rugs are usually the last items you buy when you’re renovating or decorating, but the impact they have when you do find one you love is incredible, and well worth snapping up as soon as you see one you love.

I’ve always thought rugs are a great investment for so many reasons…

  1. They bring character or a unique style to a room

  2. They help in providing less echo in a room

  3. They create a softer, cosier look

  4. They can ‘zone’ open plan living

  5. They are so easily changed and moved room to room to vary up your decoration

  6. …and they just add that ‘finishing touch’ that’s missing when you don’t have one!

They come in all shapes, sizes, colours and fabrics and quite honestly they are my FAVOURITE interior piece to shop for. They can be pricey if you don’t have the patience to really look around, but I’ve spotted some really affordable options.

Happy rug shopping guys!

The Fatouh Berber, £70

We actually own a very similar one to this in our hallway (pictured above) and we just love it. It’s moved several times around the house because it suits almost every room. Once, I styled it along the side of our bed which was so cosy to stand on when we woke up, and now, it’s taken pride position in the hallway to make the entrance more welcoming. It’s got a thick pile though, which means you need to watch out for it catching on doors. It’s hard to open those under stair cupboards now, but worth the extra effort for the look, hey! ;) Make sure to also check out our post on runner rugs for a hallway!

The Poppy Field, £125

Next, we are drooling over French Connection’s homeware at the moment. Their offering has a very Boho chic vibe and well worth a look around if you’re doing a Boho look in your home. We’ve actually spotted a really nice rattan light shade we might pick up for the Master bedroom if the size is right. I need to do some measuring up. While I was browsing I found this drop dead gorgeous Moroccan inspired rug. I love the faded look. It adds that aged-but-stylish feel to any bedroom, living room or study.

The TAZA, Gold & Ecru Cotton, £110

You know how much I love modern country interiors, right? Well, something I’ve always noticed is that ‘glam’ or ‘gold’ doesn’t really fit with the Modern Country look… However! When I saw this rug, I nodded approvingly. The fine gold detail is a subtle way of bringing a touch of luxe to any country inspired home. Picture it placed in a bedroom with white panelled, rustic walls, parquet floors and fresh white sheets… gorgeous.

I always look for a nice thin pile when I know I’m placing a rug in a living area with high traffic. It just makes it far easier to swing a door open over it without it gathering, and they’re usually lighter so much easier to shake out and keep crumb free.

The Aftas Round Jute, £35

If I had my way, the whole house would be filled with Jute rugs, and at £35 for a 1 meter rug, it’s a steal! They’ve styled it here in a bedroom however it’s quite a rough material on your tootsies which is not to everyone’s taste when they wake up in the morning. I think this rug would be styled to perfection in a kitchen, hallway or utility room. It would bring shape and give a great finishing touch. Jute is so practical for every day living – absorbing any splashes and spills well.

The Alizee Beige & Ecru Jute, £142

Another jute! You can tell where this is going? This time, a really unique diamond pattern on its surface. This one has such a coastal vibe, especially when pared with navy, stripes and driftwood. What I love about jute rugs is there ability to look GREAT in all areas of the house. You might buy one for one room, but then change it up and put it in a different room later. I do this all the time with our rug collection, swapping them around which brings a new perspective and prevents me getting bored of our decor.

The Raine Crochet, £35

Is this the cutest bath mat, or what?! It’s so nice I’d put it in any room! OK, OK, it might be a bit much with the towelling, but just think how much it would freshen up a downstairs loo or en suite. It’s just so charming. Kind of expensive for a ‘bath mat’ but when it creates a real statement like this one, and ties the whole look together well, it’s just worth spending that extra on a good quality one.

The Modern Hilo, £29

Similar to the Raine Crochet, but a little bit cheaper – the Modern Hilo is another bath mat/rug that would sit perfectly in a bathroom, en suite or toilet. I’m imagining it placed beneath a sink, to catch any splashes and feel really cosy under foot.

The Light Mole, £39.99

This is perhaps one of my favourites of this list. It might seem quite a straight forward design, but its simplicity and wool blend is very in keeping with a Modern Country interior. It’s fairly long yet narrow in shape, however not quite long enough to be a hallway runner (if you’re looking for one of those, you would need to check out our post on extra long hallway runners). That’s what makes it ideal to sit along the side of a bed, along a window wall, in the centre of narrow rooms, along a run of kitchen worktops, or - my favourite - in front of a fireplace with a small coffee table perched on top.

The Weso Leaf, £99

What a fun yet subtle print! It really stood out to me. It’s thin, for a start so again, much easier to shake out and hoover, and it really suits this wood floor in the shot. The standard size makes it ideal for any room but I can picture it making a subtle statement in a stylish children’s play area, or a study. The simple 2 colour print makes it very easy to colour match to your walls and other accessories too. I adore sage green and linen colour schemes.

The Children’s Watermelon, £90

Another option for a children’s bedroom or play area is this statement watermelon rug which would bring a fun burst of pattern to a little one’s room without it being too overwhelming colour-wise. I unapologetically love neutral colour schemes, but sometimes it can be hard to find home accessories that are neutral and daring, especially if I was to decorate a child’s room. This rug is exactly that. It will go with a lot of neutral colour schemes and bring a playful look!

The Faux Livio Sheepskin, £45

If you don’t own a faux sheepskin rug then right here is your excuse to invest in one! Just make sure it’s faux. We have several in our collection and we use them to bring cosiness to all of our rooms. These little beauties are ideal for floors and furniture.

Either throw down on the floor - anywhere! - or layer over an existing rug or throw across a piece of furniture to soften the look and make it more comfortable. Ours tend to move around the house, we put them over the arm of chairs to cosy them up, over our dining room bench to make the seat more comfortable, and at the foot of the bed. I’m a bit addicted to collecting them!

The Light Seagrass Rug, £95

Last on my list is this simple seagrass rug from a beautiful retailer called Design Vintage. If you love the rustic, scandinavian look then you absolutely NEED to take a look at Design Vintage’s furniture, home accessories and lighting. You will want EVERYTHING. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Well, I hope this post has given you some rug ideas. They really are such great investments to a home as flexible items that carry their value. When you begin your rug collection you won’t be able to stop!

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