11 ideas to create a cottage look kitchen

Cottage kitchen ideas

Cottage kitchens. They’re adorable.

More and more home owners are opting for modern looks in their kitchens. Glossy white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, marble finished floors. But after flicking through my countless period homes magazines archives, I realised something…

If you go for a cottage theme (or cottage renovation) in your kitchen it will never date.

And not only that, if your kitchen is super small, you should make a statement of it with cottage style. Give it country cottage kitchen character.

Good things come in small packages after all, and I've always thought, your kitchen doesn't need ridiculous amounts of space to be on trend. 

If you've seen my kitchen diner before you’ll see it has cottage appeal with the oak worktops and modern farmhouse accessories to give it some cottage character in a 1930s home.

I thought I'd pull together some ideas to give your kitchen (big or small) some country chic.

I hope you like the cottage kitchen ideas...

11 cottage look kitchen ideas

Cottage kitchen wicker baskets  on Wayfair

Cottage kitchen wicker baskets on Wayfair


1. Store all of your fruit, veg, bread + laundry bits inside wicker baskets

Seriously, I have a ridiculous amount of love for everything wicker. I've said it once and I'll say it again and again. This versatile material is so easy to find in high street stores or charity shops. It gives texture and warmth to rooms in need of cosy-ing up (can a kitchen be cosy?) and it's a great way to bring the outdoors indoors.

Display plates on dresser unit in Country cottage kitchen

2. Mix and match your tea cups like you have a porcelain addiction

Something I'm slowly but surely collecting (and salvaging from any charity shop in sight) are tea cups. You know, the ornate floral kind with very sweet gold rims and matching saucers? I found 4 for 50p in a second hand shop near me, and as I'm collecting all different types, I'm getting so much enjoyment out of my collection.

Open shelving in a classic cottage kitchen

3. Opt for open shelves and welcome the cluttered look

I've seen DIYs on pinterest showing you how to remove parts of your existing kitchen cupboards to open up your kitchen and get a shelving look. Stacking gorgeous plates, pots and pans on open shelving is a great way to give your kitchen a cottage vibe. If you're brave you could use a cute vintage floral wallpaper to sit behind the shelves. So cottagey!

Timeless muted colour scheme for a cottge kitchen

4. Paint existing cupboards or walls in muted tones from Farrow + Ball

I know I'm not the only one who loves Farrow + Ball, but really, they are THE paint choice of all choices if you want to channel the country/cottage vibe. Our kitchen has Farrow + Ball's Bone on some of the woodwork and it brings in a touch of English heritage. Their paints are all mixed with traditional, period decor in mind making it extremely difficult to get it wrong.

A half circle crochet rug on Etsy

A half circle crochet rug on Etsy

5. Rugs can sit in the kitchen too!

Kitchen rugs are all over pinterest at the mo. Rugs are fantastic genius little things that can totally change the space you're decorating. For a country cottage kitchen look, I would opt for a half round crochet rug (bonus points if it's crocheted with plastic style, durable material for high traffic and a lot of cooking spillages) to sit near the sink to keep your tootsies cosy as you wash up. It's the little things!

Find a similar grey wooden rocking chair in country style at Wayfair

Find a similar grey wooden rocking chair in country style at Wayfair

6. Mismatched old wooden chairs are a must

...and if you can fit one in, get your hands on a rocking chair too. Adorn these bad boys with multi coloured crochet blankets for ultimate cottage chic.

artisan wall tiling in a country cottage kitchen

7. Ditch bevelled tiling and opt for artisan crooked edges

Subway tiles are so on trend, but the straight edges never really appealed to me when I was choosing tiles for our kitchen. I knew I wanted the sought after white tile/black grout look but I also wanted a hand made touch that was less clinical. I opted for non-straight edge white tiles on black grout which some might say was a brave decision. We don't have clean edges, but I love them. Crooked = character-filled in my book. There are so many beautiful cottage look tiles out there, like THESE, THESE, or THESE.

Grey Kilner jar storage in a cottage style kitchen

8. If it's not being stored in a wicker basket, store it in a Kilner jar!

These beauties are from Silver Mushroom. I love them as they're a little different from the clear traditional jars. Homebase have a great selection of clear jar storage in their Kitchen section too, but for a different spin, try all white.

Copper drinks decor in a cottage kitchen

9. If you need mod cons, go for copper

Every kitchen needs a kettle, cocktail shaker and a microwave right? Sometimes stainless steel are the only option and that doesn't sit easy in a cottage kitchen. Where ever you can, opt for copper or antique gold / brass appliances.

A  radio in a floral pattern on a country kitchen dining table

10. Get yourself a quintessentially English radio, like, now

No cottage kitchen is complete without a vintage style radio. Pure have a fabulous range of digital radios. This one above is inspired by a fine Sanderson fabric / wallpaper. Possibly the cutest collaboration ever between Sanderson + Pure, wouldn't you agree? The Chelsea radio has been born, and looks none other than perfect whilst you butter your toast in your cosy cottage kitchen. Lots of affordable cottage-like radios like this one (love Emma Bridgewater!)

Fresh herbs around a belfast sink in a country cottage kitchen

11. Grow your own herbs or daffodils + introduce some green

The beauty of cottage kitchens is how they have an outdoorsy feel without losing warmth from materials like wood, crochet and copper. How is this achieved? By adding filling your worktops and window sills with plants. A herb garden is a must in any kitchen. Plant in a long timber pot and you've nailed the look!

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