20 beautiful and achievable kitchen extension ideas

Credit: @thelondonhomefix

Beautiful and achievable kitchen extension ideas - Credit: @thelondonhomefix

Our UK home renovation community is buzzing, and great kitchen extension ideas are flowing like water! If you haven’t read why we decided to ditch our kitchen extension for a more modest build it could give you some real food for thought.

Being big on renovations that doesn’t stop us checking out kitchen extension ideas all the time for our clients and our community. Plus, so many members of our renovation course and Home Design Lab online courses are undertaking kitchen extensions. We’re seeing their plans, and wow are they great! We’re particularly inspired by other home renovators who are branching out of house boundaries with incredible kitchen extensions to maximise space and dining decor opportunities.

If you’re starting your kitchen extension soon, you might want to check out the advice that a Reno Club member shared the other day, it’s another piece of pesky admin to know about!

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Top 20 Kitchen Extension Ideas UK

We’re bringing you the top kitchen diner extension ideas that fill us with admiration and inspiration. Shout out to these bold extensions making way for the best of the best in kitchen diner ideas. 

By the way if you’re trying to find out how much does a new kitchen cost? , do I need an architect for an extension or costs for a kitchen extension, we have guides to help you. Or see our rear house extension ideas photo gallery for inspiration in abundance.

idea for Period beams in kitchen extension

idea for Period beams in kitchen extension - IMAGE: @lottieshousebuild

1. Add period character with new beams

New kitchen extensions are the perfect opportunity to play with old period features such as the beams in this ceiling structure. Whilst the pitched roof itself embraces modern Velux windows, the character-filled exposed wood beams dictate the divine decor for the entire room without making the overall space feel too enclosed.

As a bonus, this kind of feature also makes for a great styling opportunity with lamps and dried foliage so work with what you’ve got. Styling can often be forgotten and left until the kitchen extension is finished, but we advise our Home Design Lab students to work on their styling plans as early as possible – it shouldn’t be just an afterthought and the course is showing people why and how.

Glass side return idea in a kitchen extension ideas

Glass side return idea in a kitchen extension idea - IMAGE: @mycasainteriors

2. A classic side return kitchen extension

Here’s a social space if ever we’ve seen one! Maximising the space they’ve got to work with, this Richmond home has extended sideways with an angled glass roof so light streams into the multi-functional kitchen area.

The combination of a buttery yellow casual sofa and luscious foliage balances out a classic kitchen extension design in contrasting white and midnight blue tones, making the whole room feel design-forward yet relaxed. While they’ve got plenty of room to work with, this could absolutely be achieved if you have a narrower space, minimising the kitchen island and opting for a smaller lounge space. It’s so hard to visualise how something like a kitchen extension will look once it’s built but there are very clear and simple steps you can take to visualise space. Our online courses and tools go into detail on how to visualise options before investing, it’s such a crucial part to getting your renovation right.

idea for a Kitchen extension with a loft lantern

idea for a Kitchen extension with a loft lantern - IMAGE: @littleharrowdenehouse

3. Use a roof lantern for added extension decor

When it comes to picking the right natural light source for your kitchen extension, a roof lantern can be a gorgeous way of letting light in through a pitched structure. The angles involved here elevate an ordinary ceiling shape and also make for an ideal styling opportunity such as the pendant lighting and rustic dried foliage used in this kitchen extension.

We love how the centralised light source matched the kitchen island position perfectly for optimum working space.

idea for glass-filled kitchen extension

idea for glass-filled kitchen extension - IMAGE: @hollins.house

4. Open the kitchen up with glass on multiple sides

Light and airy are both top priorities when it comes to kitchen extensions to make sure your new space adds as much as possible to your existing kitchen. This home has capitalised on the privacy of the side lane as well as the gorgeous stone wall and tall trees so that the extension almost feels like it’s floating with all the outside elements.

Using glass in the skylights, as a whole side wall and in full-width windows works to brilliant effect here. This idea can also work beautifully with period kitchens to give a visual twist.

Long and narrow layout idea in a kitchen extension

Long and narrow layout idea in a kitchen extension - IMAGE: @house.by.the.park

5. Go long on a narrow rear kitchen extension

In layouts where you’re looking to maintain as much garden space as possible whilst still extending to create your dream kitchen, going for a narrow extension shape can give you the best of both worlds. 

Choosing a long, narrow shape for your kitchen extension layout can also be really handy in maximising cabinet space and squeezing in your integrated white goods without pesky corners causing practicality issues. We love how the roof angled down slightly on the end to create a softer space with no dark corners to be seen.

L-shaped kitchen extension idea with dining area

L-shaped kitchen extension idea with dining area - IMAGE: @thenewfrontwall

6. L-shaped kitchen diner extension

If you love the idea of having an island and a dining table in your kitchen extension, could you opt for an L-shaped design? Jo of @thenewfrontwall has optimised natural light sources and chosen a delectable countryside-inspired wallpaper print to surround her dining area.

She’s combined this with a luscious leafy wall panel and natural wood flooring from the kitchen all the way out into the dining extension to carry the country theme through. Bringing the outdoors inside is a marvellous way of welcoming guests into your entertaining space. We also really appreciate the wall radiator, because comfort comes first in a home extension. 

Kitchen extension idea with supporting wall as feature

Kitchen extension with supporting wall as feature idea - IMAGE: @thewickerpighome

7. Tile a supporting wall for an unusual splash back

Depending on the structure of your home, you might find yourself in the situation where keeping a supporting wall is a necessary part of your kitchen extension. And that needn’t detract from your space at all. We love how this home has the supporting pillar with a tiled splash back to make the basin area even more practical and it adds so much more to the space in terms of styling too. Hanging storage is also a super idea for extra wall space.

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kitchen extension idea with skylight

idea for a Large skylight in a kitchen extension - Image: @thelondonhomefix

8. Supersize the light in your kitchen extension

A kitchen extension is the perfect opportunity to open up your living space beyond the perimeter of the same old four walls. In this light-filled masterpiece, Audrey and Mike have opted for a supersized skylight with big large sliding doors. They’ve reflected the airy feel in kitchen decor choices, working with light-toned flooring, pastel blue woodwork and crisp white countertops complimented by gold hardware. The decor and furniture ideas here can be replicated in kitchens big and small. A light colour palette can make a world of difference in terms of how big a space feels. If you’re looking for kitchen ideas on a budget, colour works wonders.

idea to incorporate a supporting beam in a kitchen extension

idea to incorporate a supporting beam in a kitchen extension - IMAGE: @house_on_the_crescent

9. Make a feature out of a supporting beam

Structural necessities needn’t be a negative part of your kitchen extension. This home has embraced the steel girder both as a visual anchor for the kitchen island but also to coordinate the colour scheme and decor. No matter what your style is, you can always work practical features into something aesthetically pleasing and make the most of what you’ve got. After all, the things that make your kitchen extension unique should be valued.  

Kitchen extension idea with bifold doors

Kitchen extension idea with bifold doors - IMAGE: @white_location

10. Bifold doors transform the size and feel of your extension

Sometimes, bigger really is better. Bifold doors can totally transform a kitchen extension as you’re not only extending structurally but they open the space up visually too. We recommended them in our post about semi detached extension ideas but any property benefits from them – from terraced to detached. Weather permitting, you can virtually extend your kitchen into your garden by folding the doors back and therefore benefitting from the joys of nature too. Even when it’s too chilly to open them up, you’ve got the visual extension and the beauty of the garden in the winter months brought into your social hub.

idea Bare bricks in a kitchen extension

idea Bare bricks in a kitchen extension - IMAGE: @thelondonhomefix

11. Keep a bare brick finish on one wall to change it up

Part of the key to a really great extension is how it works with your existing structure. Whether you want to contrast materials or blend them seamlessly, keeping one wall with a bare brick finish can be an interesting way of working different textures into your space and serves as a reminder to the structural elements of your new kitchen extension.

This idea works particularly well when coordinating with other textured elements such as a wood floor or thriving greenery.

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Idea for a kitchen island in an extension

Idea for a kitchen island in an extension - IMAGE: @katyebh

12. A large, square kitchen extension design

Katy’s instagram is one of our favourite sources of home decor ideas at the moment. Her Berkshire kitchen decor channels refined country cottage elegance which pairs perfectly with the pitched roof of her kitchen extension. Note how the sloping ceilings emulate that intimate cottage feel. Carrying the cabinet colour palette through to the dining chairs and dresser ties the large space together on both sides, emphasising the cosiness of her kitchen diner extension. This renovation goes to show just how much of an impact the shape of an extension has on the room it creates, decor aside. If you’re looking for kitchen diner ideas, make sure to take a peak.

Window and skylight idea for a kitchen extension

Window and skylight idea for a kitchen extension - IMAGE: @brush_up_dress_down

13. Add windows wherever there is space

Sometimes opening your space up with windows can make such a unique difference to your kitchen extension. This home has squeezed in a floor to ceiling window in the corner and another little rectangular window above the shelf on the adjoining wall which light streams through in that golden time of day. What a beautiful way to play with windows and let in extra natural light.

We really like how the shiny kitchen island countertop amplifies the extra light and the shades here compliment soft, natural lighting to make it all work beautifully.

kitchen extension idea for a pitched roof

kitchen extension idea for a pitched roof - IMAGE: @bungalow_fifty8

14. An eclectic, pitched roof kitchen diner extension

Welcome to interior decor trend mix and match heaven! We see a gorgeous Belfast sink, divine industrial shelf next to the exposed brick feature wall, some delectably touchable textiles, thriving houseplants and dark wood tones. Rachel’s kitchen diner extension is oh so inviting and ultimately cosy. We love the new take on extension light sources where she’s chosen to pop windows into the spare space between eaves and and functional kitchen space. Very clever. The extra brightness has allowed her to play with darker decor tones and accessories in abundance. Keep scrolling for more extended diner kitchen ideas

Idea for kitchen extension with matched materials

Idea for kitchen extension with matched materials - IMAGE: @house_of_capes

15. Match materials for synchronicity with your extension

Regardless of your vision for interior decor when thinking about how to plan a kitchen, it seriously pays off to coordinate the material you use outside, especially if you’re going for more than one extension on your overall property. This home uses a brick and metal scheme perfectly and carries it both through into the garden and up into the loft extension for maximum impact.

You can take this idea a step further by coordinate the interior decor in line with the exterior too.

a corner-shaped kitchen extension idea

a corner-shaped kitchen extension idea - IMAGE: @archer.t.j

16. A kitchen extension on a corner brings amazing zoning

In her simply stunning Shrewsbury home, Tina has kept the kitchen in the main house structure and worked the breakfast bar around into the extension which zones the areas off nicely. Moving through, she set up the dining table in a communal social space in the heart of the extension opening out through supersized sliding doors onto a spacious garden. Decor wise, she’s meshing chic rustic pieces with luscious textiles and striking wall prints in every spare space but sticking with clean white walls and a uniform floor throughout. Her home, as a whole, is positively bursting with decor ideas! We love it!

Glass side kitchen extension idea

Glass side kitchen extension - IMAGE: @harvey_home_eclectic

17. Make light of extending both ways by using glass

This home has gone for the double whammy of extending their kitchen both to the read and to the side and to great effect. Whilst this can often detract from natural light in the existing space, they have combatted it tactfully by installing large-scale windows into the walls, roofs and as an exterior Crittall-style door feature. 

Coordinating the materials you use for each of these glass features can really tie the kitchen extension together and we love how the panelling on the side wall amplifies the shapes above it.

Crittall door ideas in a kitchen extension

Crittall door ideas in a kitchen extension - IMAGE: @fallowgrey

18. Install a Crittall door kitchen extension

This is another renovator to take huge home inspiration from. The possibilities are endless with a standard rear extension as Emily proves. Emily has combined classic Crittall doors with carefully placed overhead skylights to create a warm yet open space. Continuing the tonal wood panelling through from kitchen cabinetry to a panel-backed dining bench, she’s working with organic timber and slightly darker painted tones but balancing the palette out with simple prints and splashes of brilliant white. Extra points for the brushed metal hardware, a superb way to keep light bouncing around the room from the extension inwards. 

Kitchen extension idea for stone lovers

Kitchen extension idea for stone lovers - IMAGE: @jade.doutch

19. A stone lovers kitchen diner extension

Welcome to a gloriously rustic and raw kitchen diner extension renovation. Jade is embracing the bare bones of her original structure by making features of drystone pillars and bare wood beams. Working with that, she’s maximised the vibe by bringing in lots of industrial wood and metal surfaces, all ties together with sumptuously dark cabinetry and a cosy Belfast sink.

The Scandi colour choices are reflected throughout her gorgeous home, giving her so much potential to work with softer highlights like textiles and lighting. Speaking of lighting, look closely at the electrical layout in this room. It’s got a great mix of task and overhead lighting which likely creates a lot of variable levels of light to play with depending on the atmosphere you want to create. Genius!

kitchen extension idea double storey

Idea for a double storey extension with a kitchen - IMAGE: @joatnumber26

20. A double storey extension

Last but absolutely not least, we’re pleased to introduce you to the ultimate double storey home extension – how beautiful is this?! Jo has built out, up and to the side to create the most social of spaces. She’s revamped the existing kitchen space, taken the dining area into a glass cocoon on the side and left plenty of space for a lounge looking onto the garden. We’re big fans of the exposed brick wall and parquet flooring. And take a look at that delicious dining table, spot any similarities? ;)

So, what do you think? Which one would you go for? Or do you have any special shapes, structural necessities or design complications to work around? How have you made the most of your unique property? We’d love to hear more about your kitchen extension so join the conversation!

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