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We offer support & inspiration to new renovators, helping you get your dream home. Our mission? To prepare you for every step ahead… Call us the sherpas to your renovation Everest!



You’re not alone!

We’ve helped thousands of new renovators like you. Fearful but excited. No idea where to start. We’ll show you exactly how to begin your project and crucially, how to prevent costs going out the window. Just some of our offerings include…


Home Renovation Course

Avoid common mistakes, hire the right trades, and prevent costly rework. We reveal how.

Home Design Course

Learn the exact approach Fi takes with every client. You’ll save ££s on interior design fees.

Free Renovation Class

We unravel the truth about renovating a property. It's not what you think it is…

Honestly I don’t think we would’ve had the guts to go through with the purchase without this course
— Charmie


168极速赛车开奖直播全国最快 It’s more than just a home

We’re big believers in your surroundings improving your wellbeing. Your home is your life. From your layout to your lighting, design will elevate your every day. So make it count.

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We pack our blog with key renovation advice, ditching the jargon to give you the support you need.


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